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The programme of courses for 2015 held in the elegant surroundings of Waterperry House and gardens is now available.  As well as our established favourites there are some new courses – Stone Carving with Brian Nyanhongo,  Mindfulness Drawing with Jeffery Courtney, A Window on to a Bigger World with Sarah Spackman and two courses with Julie Collins, Creating Still Life in Watercolour and Freedom in Watercolour.

We are again offering some courses in Fulham, London and Patrick Cullen is running a new course called Working from the Figure in May.

Students who have come over the past few years particularly mention the lovely atmosphere of Waterperry House and gardens as well as the studio in Fulham and say how they are conducive to creative work.  They also mention the fine care, attention and encouragement that the tutors give and how inspiring and enjoyable they find the courses.  We hope you will come and enjoy the courses in 2015.  Please click below on the course title to be directed to a page with full information and a pdf which you can download giving details of what materials are required and some information about the tutor.

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1 – Developing the Artist Within Sarah Holliday May 11th – 14th Waterperry
2 – Still Life Painting Jeffery Courtney May 11th – 12th Waterperry
3 – Palette Knife Still Life Painting Jeffery Courtney May 13th – 14th Waterperry
4 – Working from the Figure Patrick Cullen May 16th – 17th St Oswald’s
5 – Being Bold Tony Merrick May 23rd – 24th St Oswald’s
6 – There is Life in a Stone Brian Nyanhongo Jul 27th – Aug 1st Waterperry
7 – Landscapes in Watercolour Valerie Petts Aug 22nd – 23rd Waterperry
8 – Painting Set Free I David Brayne Aug 22nd – 23rd Waterperry
9 – Portrait Painting I Jeffery Courtney Aug 22nd – 23rd Waterperry
10 – Portrait Painting II Jeffery Courtney Aug 24th – 25th Waterperry
11 – Painting Set Free II David Brayne Aug 24th – 25th Waterperry
12 – Getting in Touch with Texture Kate Wells Aug 24th – 27th Waterperry
13 – Portrait Clay Modelling Edward Murray Aug 24th – 28th St Oswald’s
14 – Nature of Seeing Cliff Wright Aug 29th – 31st Waterperry
15 – Watercolour Ali Yanya Aug 29th – 31st Waterperry
16 – Light, Mood and Atmosphere I Judith Gardner Aug 29th – 31st Waterperry
17 – Light, Mood and Atmosphere II Judith Gardner Sep 1st – 2nd Waterperry
18 – Watercolour Ali Yanya Sep 1st – 2nd Waterperry
19 – Creating Still Life in Watercolour Julie Collins Sep 3rd – 4th Waterperry
20 – Discover Drawing Jeffery Courtney Sep 3rd – 4th Waterperry
21 – Still Life Painting in Oils Sarah Spackman Sep 3rd – 4th Waterperry
22 – A Window onto a Bigger World Sarah Spackman Sep 5th – 6th Waterperry
23 – Mindfulness Drawing Jeffery Courtney Sep 5th – 6th Waterperry
24 – Freedom in Watercolour Julie Collins Sep 5th – 6th Waterperry
25 – Deciding What to Paint Sarah Holliday Sep 14th – 17th Waterperry
26 – Calligraphy the Art of Beautiful Writing Josie Brown Sep 14th – 17th Waterperry