• Paula Downing

    Paula will be demonstrating hand building techniques, pinch coil and slab, experimenting with surface textures and finishes, using a variety of…

  • Alex McCarthy

    Alex creates objects with a harmonious connection between surface and form. His pieces are formally inspired by simple ceramic profiles and…

  • Matt Horne

    Matt Horne uses contemporary forms and crystalline glazes to create stunning decorative ceramics and will be demonstrating his throwing techniques. All…

  • James Hake

    James will be making facetted vases at the show. He will throw them at the potter’s wheel and shape them into…

  • Wendy Johnson

    Wendy will be on hand to fully explain the preparation of work necessary to achieve naked raku, i.e. methods of burnishing,…

  • Alvin F Irving

    Alvin will be demonstrating a wide range of original underglaze brushwork technique revealing formal pattern, free style abstraction alongside pictorial narrative

  • Terry Davies

    Using dry Clay and fire on a wet thrown and turning clay surface , he will be demonstrating hi technique, developed…

  • Harriet Coleridge

    Harriet Coleridge will be throwing, altering and assembling pots; she will make some simple forms and add wheel thrown coils to…

  • Dan Chapple

    Dan will be demonstrating a number of different raku firing techniques.His work is all made on the wheel and is Raku…

  • Richard Baxter

    Richard has been a professional potter for 35 years, making ceramics that are thrown and turned on the wheel using fine textured…

  • Emily Myers

    Emily will be throwing pots and carving them at the ‘leather hard’ stage. She makes a range of stoneware vessels on the…

  • Daniel Wright

    Daniel will be demonstrating his throwing and coiling technique and how he decorates his pieces by layering slips and applying his…

  • Rachel Wood

    Rachel will be demonstrating her composite forms which will be thrown and altered on the wheel; and pinched and coiled conical…

  • Jane White

    Jane works with the unusual technique of pit-firing, where ceramics are placed in a large open pit and surrounded by organic…

  • Paul Wearing

    Paul will demonstrate coiling and press-moulding techniques used to form his stoneware sculptural vessels and the layering of slips and glazes…

Ester Segarra
  • Christopher Taylor

    Christopher will be demonstrating the making and decorating of his individual ornamental ceramic pieces. Pieces are formed by throwing or pressing…

  • Ellen Rijsdorp

    Ellen’s ceramic objects are inspired by natural structures such as sand dunes, ice crystals, wood, rocks and leaves. Structures that Ishe finds…

  • James Oughtibridge

    James will be constructing large scale sculptural forms using press moulded, curved slabs of clay. Curved sections of clay are constructed with…

  • Jin Eui Kim

    Jin explores the ways of creating illusory spatial phenomena and manipulating perception of three-dimensional form by the arrangement of tonal bands through…

  • Paul Jackson

    Paul will demonstrate thrown, altered and decorated vessels incorporating life drawing and abstract art images. Paul will also demonstrate the creation…

  • Adam Frew

    Adam will be Throwing big pots and smaller functional pots and also demonstrating his decorating techniques.  

  • Francoise Dufayard

    Francoise will be demonstrating slab making and various slip decoration techniques. She set up her own studio in 1988, Rennes, Brittany after…