Market - Glass

  • Rachel Elliott

    Rachel makes kiln-formed glass, using traditional screen-printing with fired enamels, combined with innovative water-jet cutting. Bright designs adorn her unique range of…

  • Steve Robinson

    Specialising in the use of enamels to create vibrant colours and textures, Steve’s unique and tactilefused glass work includes sculptural shell…

  • Brett Manley

    Brett Manleys Kiln Formed Glass Art showing here her twinkling lush Jewellery, beautiful Peacock Chargers and Buttons, humorous Fish and Skull…

  • McNeill Glass

    Mcneill Glass produces some of the most aesthetic and decorative kiln fused glass within the UK. Individually designed and hand etched…

  • Wendy Newhofer

    Wendy makes elegant kiln formed glass pieces which have a painterly quality to them. She uses imagery from the natural world…

  • Martin Andrews

    Contemporary hand blown glass, made with precision and an eye for fine detail with innovative form and surface textures. Working in a…

Welch, Elizabeth 03
  • Elizabeth Welch
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  • Christiaan Maas

    Chris will be showcasing the possibilities of colour and optical effects in solid sculpted hot-glass with a comprehensive explanation of what…

Ruth Lyne 4 Shoal_WEBs
  • Ruth Lyne

    Ruth Lyne creates glass and silver jewellery inspired by the natural colours and textures of the sea shore.

Glasswork by Julia Linstead
  • Julia Linstead

    Julia is celebrating 25 years in business designing and decorating hand blown lead crystal glassware. Her work falls into two strands; bowls…