Market - Metalwork & Jewellery

  • Teri Howes

    Using high carat gold & silver with her signature crochet techniques, Teri creates elegant, timeless jewellery that will astonish. Entirely hand-crafted,…

  • Caroline Brogden – SeaBreeze Designs

    Caroline Brogden is the designer-maker behind Sea Breeze Designs. Her work is inspired by the British coastline but mixed with a…

  • Roxy Moznabi

    Roxanna Moznabi makes luxury collections and one off pieces. Her jewellery is built to last, to become a precious treasure that…

  • Amanda Mansell

    Award winning jewellery Amanda Mansell designs and handcrafts jewellery from the finest material creating individual bespoke pieces. Alongside these, by layering…

  • Melanie Ankers – Kokkino

    Contemporary handmade jewellery using silver, vitreous enamels, gold-plating techniques and precious gems.

  • The Metal Pig Forge

    Contemporary vision combined with traditional hot forging methods with a unique reputation for quality, subtlety and beauty in ironwork. Public commissions…

  • Bishopsland Educational Trust

    Jewellery and silverware hand crafted by emerging makers at our South Oxfordshire workshops.

  • Stuart Jenkins

    Stuart creates silverware and jewellery. Contrast is used to create a visual palette, rough with smooth, black with white, the silver…

  • Anna Wales

    Anna creates jewellery that celebrates the movement of the body, wearable works of art that come to life when worn. Finding inspiration…

  • Helaina Sharpley

    Intricate wirework wall pieces, inspired by the elegance of the Edwardian era. Subjects include architecture, clocks and tea drinking.

  • Christine Savage & Jeremy Hicks

    Christine and Jeremy combine the different colours of precious metals with oxidation and layers to create jewellery that organically shows off…

  • Jenny Llewellyn

    Jenny Llewellyn is an award winning jewellery designer-maker based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. Inspired by the luminous colours, shapes…

  • Rebecca Joselyn

    Rebecca explores the function of the objects she is creating. She is interested in how people interact and handle different objects….

  • Naomi James

    Naomi makes beautiful bold silver jewellery inspired by botanical themes embossed with the imprints of real flowers and plants. She also…

  • Yen Duong

    Sensual, sophisticated jewellery. “…pictures do not do Yen’s work justice, you have to see how the cunningly articulated silver and gold…

  • Charlotte Doe

    Circle & Dash jewellery is truly unique. They make unusual, beautiful jewellery from papers that they paint, print and gild themselves…

Thomas, CatherineWEB
  • Catherine Thomas

    Hand made silver and gold jewellery incorporating semi-precious stones. Inspired by the environment, pieces are etched, textured and transformed into contemporary…

Rigby, Melissa 03
  • Melissa Rigby

    Inspired by natural growth patterns, Melissa creates distinctive gold and silver jewellery with richly textured surfaces and incorporates extraordinary gemstones, often…

  • Jo McAllister

    Using rocks and stones found on beaches or mountains as her hammers and anvils, Jo McAllister creates granite surfaces, reminiscent of…

Greenwood, Diana 05
  • Diana Greenwood

    Silver jewellery, with gold and semi-precious stones. A considered balance of simple shapes and intricate detail. Inspired by the garden and…

Gilmour, Beth 04
  • Beth Gilmour

    Award winning fine jeweller Beth Gilmour makes beautiful, timeless pieces in gold set with precious stones. She specialises in making engagement…

Gill, Karina 05jpg
  • Karina Gill

    Karina Gill will be exhibiting her distinctive etched silver bowls alongside her silver jewellery set with gemstones.

Dougall, James 02
  • James Dougall

    Award winning designer silversmith and jeweller James Dougall returns this year with new and exiting designs in silver accentuated with rare…

Alleweireldt, An 01
  • An Alleweireldt

    I’m looking for a perfect balance between introduction and recognition, square and round, mat and shiny, precious and non precious. There…