This year Art in Action is supporting Ucare, the urology cancer charity. Ucare is a local charity based in Headington’s Churchill Hospital and already has links with Waterperry Gardens.

Last year the Gardens hosted a charity bulb day with famous speakers such as Anna Pavord, Val Bourne, and Johnny Walkers. At lunch I got talking to their Head of Fundraising, Jane Henman mother of the famous tennis player, Tim and, as well as talking about the mental game of tennis, the idea of our charities mutually supporting each other came about.

The charity has a tulip motif and at the show this year they will have a tent with tulip inspired artworks being created and on display. You can give a modest amount to the Ucare charity when you buy a ticket online here. And just get in touch with the team at HQ if you are looking for assistance with large group bookings.

Thank you also for your Painting tent memories submitted so far – please keep them coming. We will share our favourite next month.