Founded in 2000, The Big Draw (formally The Campaign for Drawing) is an arts education charity and international celebration of drawing. It is open to anyone who loves to draw, as well as those who think they can’t! The Big Draw charity works to promote ‘visual literacy’ and to demonstrate the social, economic and health benefits that the universal language of drawing can bring.

We provide paper, charcoal and a variety of other art materials as well as a fun scene to draw all free of charge!  We are located in the Practical Classes Colleges tent by the entrance to Art in Action just behind the Welcome Café. There is informal tuition available by artist teachers for those that would like it. Please come and have a go!

This year we will be inspired by farm animals in a surreal setting! Emma Hockley will demonstrate and display various drawing techniques encouraging close observation and personal expression. Emma Hockley’s textured paintings fuse elements from religious traditions, personal photographs, nature and topical media images to portray her introspections and dreams.