International Art

  • RUSSIA: Andrey Simakov
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  • AFRICA – MALI: Ag Hamid Mohamed

    Mohamed Ag Hamid of Association Timidwa will be demonstrating how traditional Tuareg leather items like bags, boxes or sheets are made.

  • Uzbekistan: Anvar Kurbanov

    Anvar Kurbanov is the 4th generation hereditary artist. He does metal chasing and cold enamel. He does metal chasing in traditional…

  • China: Huang Fei

    Huang Fei is from Jingdezhen, city of Porcelain. He will be demonstrating traditional inkwash painting on handmade paper and cobalt pigment…

  • Shubdo Karmako

    Subho Karmakar will be demonstrating Dokra, an ancient method of making metal artefacts by a wax-casting technique. This sort of casting has…

  • Turkey: Yildiz Ibram

    Traditional Turkish ceramic art demonstration. Transfer by hand the traditional Ottoman patterns onto unglazed ceramic bisque, lines drawing by brush, filling…

  • India: Ramu Ramdev

    Ramu Ramdev’s Initiative “Rangreet” has been around from last 17 years and doing following tasks like organizing training camps of traditional…

  • Africa – Mali: Mohamed El Maouloud Ag Hamid

    Mohamed El Maouloud Ag Hamid learned the art of silversmithing from his father, who learned it from his father, first through…

  • Macedonia: Katarina Doda

    Katarina will be presenting her unique designs of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Some pieces of jewellery are decorated with semi…

  • Turkey: Hikmet Barutçugil

    Hikmet Barutcugil who was the winner of Art in Action Best of Best in 2012, will be demonstrating the art of…

  • Poland: Apolonia Nowak

    Apolonia Nowak lives in Kadzidlo village in Kurpie Zielone. She learned her skills from her mother and grandmother and sold her…

  • India: Pramod Maharani

    I am an artist of Pattachitra, palm leaf engraving and the art of Odisha and I want to demonstrate this beauty…