Illustration & Lettering Arts

  • James Boswell

    James will be demonstrating Illustration, painting narrative lead work in acrylics and watercolour. he will be showing his process from drawing…

  • Sarah Morpeth

    Sarah will be demonstrating how she builds up her intricate papercuts, combining drawing, scalpel-cutting and painting.

  • Catherine Hyde

    Catherine will be showing how she created her new book ‘The Star Tree’ from conception to design using drawing and pastel…

  • Deirdre Hassed

    Deirdre Hassed is a calligrapher/lettering artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her life-long interest in eastern and western philosophy provides a rich reservoir…

  • Soraya Syed-Sanders

    Soraya Syed is a classically trained Islamic calligrapher and artist of growing international renown. Syed’s practice is a process of disciplined…

  • Diane George

    Diane will be demonstrating traditional calligraphy, manuscript illumination and gilding. Specialising in the early Medieval, “Celtic” style illumination, she makes individual illuminated…

  • Eleri Fowler

    Eleri is a freelance illustrator with over 10 years experience in the industry. She works in a variety of illustrative and…

  • Danny Deeptown

    Danny Deeptown is a avid believer in ‘good ol drawing’ who relies on traditional methods to create classic themed illustrations mostly…

  • Shelly Perkins

    Shelly is a freelance illustrator working both commercially and on self initiated projects that she sells as limited edition prints and…

  • Rakhmon Bakoev

    Rakhmon will demonstrate the school of miniature painting and calligraphy of Central Asia, precisely Bukhara style. Bukhara school miniature appeared in the…

  • Simon Sonsino

    Simon believes that it is acceptable for modern calligraphy to be illegible, and as such, challenges the viewer’s typical perceptions of…

  • Freddie Quartley

    Freddie will demonstrate various techniques of engraving with particular emphasis on achieving good lettering.  

  • Akemi Lucas

    Koshu (Akemi Lucas) is demonstrating Japanese Art Calligraphy, including simple Japanese brush painting and Seal carving. Koshu (Akemi Lucas) is a Master…