Performances from a wide spectrum of cultures will be staged in Waterperry’s Amphitheatre throughout all four days of the show. These performances are highly recommended if you would like to experience a variety of performance from around the world and entrance is free. Click here to view the 2016 Daily Programme.

Performing Arts 2016


Viva Flamenco









Viva Flamenco is a group of four artists (two dancers, guitarist and singer) taken from the flamenco dance company of that name and they will perform a selection of authentic styles from Andalucia in Southern Spain. Juan Ramirez has performed world-wide, including the Gulf States, Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. He also performs fusion shows with Indian musicians and dancers, mixing Kathak (classical Indian dance) and Flamenco.


Classical Indian Dance – Odissi









Shubhada Varadkar will perform Indian classical dance Odissi with disciples Ms Mitali Varadkar and Ms Shreya Sabharwal. Odissi is an Indian classical dance from eastern part of India. Until the turn of the last century Odissi used to be performed in the temple of Jagannath at Puri. Based on the sculptures poses of temples of Konark and Puri Odissi is one of the most graceful and lyrical classical dance of India. Evolved in the temples of Odisha, core of Odissi dance is spiritual. Details of the performances:

  • 14th July – Miracles Of Splendour is a beautiful depiction of the endless and everenduring interaction between life and nature. The very existence of the world is governed by nature and its various infinite cycles.
  • 15th July – Journey to divinity is a classical dance recital portraying the eternal journey of human soul towards divinity. It is based on Vedant philosophy proclaiming that each sole is potentially divine and the struggle is to manifest this divinity.
  • 16th/17th July – Odissi Dance recital is based on poetries of Indian saint Poets Dnyaneshwar, Mirabai and Adi Shankaracharya.

Classical Indian Music

PerfArt_Shiv_Shankar_Ray_1PerfArt_Rahul Chatterjee Pic







Shiv Shankar Ray is a performer and teacher of Tabla, the classical percussion drums from Northern India. Shiv Shankar Ray is a Trained by the legendary music Maestro Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh, Shiv Shankar lives in Gurgaon and travels worldwide to teach, perform and compose. He has shared the stage with several noted artists including Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan. Shiv Shankar Ray is known for his subtle and sensitive style of accompaniment to complement and highlight the mastery of the co-artists he accompanies

Rahul Catterjee – Sitar. Sri Rahul Chatterjee was initiated into music at the tender age of six, under the able guidance of Pt. Kala Chand Lahiri, a violinist and reputed classical music trainer, and Sri Srikumar Banerjee, a noted sarode player. He is also a music arranger and has arranged music for many Rabindra Sangeets, modern Bengali songs, devotional albums and Dance Dramas. Rahul Chatterjee is a Science Graduate of the University of Calcutta and holds the Bachelor of Music Degree from Rabindra Bharati University.

Gopal Barman – ‘Sreekhole’. Gopal Barman, along with his illustrious brother Madhusudan Barman, are well known in the world of Indian classical music as the pioneers of the dramatic percussion duet of ‘Tabla’ and ‘Sreekhole’. Gopal has not only been able to take Indian Classical Music to a new dimension – he has also been able to reach out to a much larger audience, far beyond the Classical milieu. He has received many national and international awards and have left a great impact in the commercial world of Indian films with their new combinations. Gopal Barman has scored music in several Bengali Films and Films for Bollywood.

The Pooka Theatre Company







The Pooka Theatre Company is a company that produces contemporary and classical plays with fresh insight to the ordinary or extraordinary stories.