Julia is celebrating 25 years in business designing and decorating hand blown lead crystal glassware. Her work falls into two strands; bowls and dishes of various sizes with repeatable patterns and her delicate and intricate one-off pieces. Unlike her repeatable work where the pattern is often stylised and gradually evolves from piece to piece Julia uses her one-off pieces to explore a plant or animal with much more precision. Drawing from life as much as possible and using the form of the bowl to enhance and inform the design Julia creates layers of imagery which draw the viewer in.
Each piece of her work is hand-blown to her specifications with layers of coloured crystal incorporated into the surface and body of the glass as it is being blown. It is into this coloured surface that Julia etches her unique designs. She prepares the surface by covering it with a masking tape onto which she draws the design. By carefully cutting through the mask she creates a stencil which can be removed by degrees to reveal the surface of the glass. Julia then sandblasts the colour off the bowl eroding the surface until she has the tone she desires. By removing and replacing the mask she can sandblast or preserve a surface as she wants until the entire pattern is etched into the surface. The intricate designs and subtle etching give form and detail to her patterns. Commissions welcome.