Sacred Geometry – the art of spiritual imagination

How can the Invisible be seen? How can the Ineffable be known? The spiritual imagination is an intermediary ‘place’ much loved by artists who work with sacred forms/subject matter. It is a place in which the ‘formless’ takes on some degree of form – albeit a transient reflection of that which is beyond all human knowing. However, the closest that the visual imagination can get to that which is universal and unchanging is with the eternal forms of geometry. Geometric forms are the embodiment of the unchanging reality of number and thus whichever culture we are in, or indeed whichever planet we are on, the same principles apply. But how can a visual language so readily associated with mathematics be utilised by an artist?
This slide show presentation will consider the use of geometry, not only as visual art but also as a contemplative form within the spiritual imagination, and how these two approaches to geometry encourage a unified ‘way of seeing’ for the practitioner of sacred art.