Dear Friends,

It is my sad duty to tell you that Bernard Saunders died peacefully at home on Sunday 20th March.

He was the man who started Art in Action 40 years ago and the Steward of Waterperry House and Gardens.

He inspired many in his life as a teacher, boss, mentor and philosopher and there are many who know him better than I and could write with more insight than I.  I spent a year working with him before taking on his job two years ago.

At the age of eighty he would rush about the 80 acre estate pausing occasionally for me to catch up.

He had a great respect for artists and used to tell me that he loved working with them as they were such practical people.

The hallmark of his life was that he gave fully with no thought of reward. I always felt completely at ease in his presence and yet never lost a sense of respect. He had a lovely sense of mischief about him that still makes me grin.

I have a yellow post-it note stuck to the side of my desk with his number one piece of advice for decision making written on it: “Refer all to the Absolute.”  I’m working on it.

Yours ever,
Simon Buchanan