You may know Rosalind from her recent work exploring ‘writing with a needle’ copying the handwriting of a letter into stitch. Her year has started with terrific energy thanks to the launch of the latest piece – The Stitch Lives of London.

We asked Rosalind a few questions:

What is your definition of an artist?  
Someone who feels the need to express themselves over and over in different and amusing ways! 

Best lesson an artist should learn?
Be still then look and listen. 

What would you say to your 21 year old self?
Keep going! Don’t worry about your destination, just keep following what you love.

Best Art in Action memory?

Must of been when I was a child -it’s a combination of rain and hot fresh doughnuts!!  I’m not sure where the art came into it, but I do remember helping out in the practical classes when I was 12-  it was thrilling to be given that responsibility and to work alongside a professional artist.  I’m certain those memories were instrumental in my choosing to be an artist ‘when I grew up’…

Where do the ideas come from? 
If I knew that I would stop creating!

If you were to have a last supper – which 4 people would you invite (alive or dead) and what would you eat?
Freshly laid soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers washed down with Dom Perignon champagne! Well besides my lovely husband Patrick, I think it’d be interesting to invite 3 other of my favorite wisest teachers from throughout my life and ask them ‘How did I get on?’.  Then they could send me on my way! 

Watch Rosalind at Art in Action here

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